I haven't been to a prom since 1995, and honestly I was just as nervous Saturday night as I was back then. Mrs. London and a group of students have been preparing for this event for some time now. The group gathered Friday night to decorate, and did a fantastic job. The function room at the Sugarloaf Inn looked amazing. Students had cut out stars made from cardboard and hung them from the ceiling, lights adorned the entry way, and Tia Holt and her mother prepared a number of delicious items for everyone to snack on. I was thoroughly impressed by the way the room looked. The only aspect that was more impressive was the excellent behavior displayed by our students. It made me proud to see our student body acting appropriately and totally enjoying themselves. The music was great, there were a ton of people dancing, and all in all it was a fantastic event. Again, a huge thanks to Mrs. London and all the students that helped out to put it together. I look forward to next year!