Tech Talk!

    Hi Everyone! I thought I would write a bit more that a 140 characters about our new technology coming to MSAD #58. Over the past month the administrative team has reviewed the potential new technology selections being offered by the MLTI program. Gov. LePage selected the number three ranked HP laptop selection. However, the Governor allowed districts in the state to choose from the top five. The HP laptop was not an option the team felt was best for the district. We took into consideration the future of technology and went with the number one rated Apple package. The package includes ipads for all students, MacAir Laptops, and ipad minis for teachers. We will also have an upgraded network, tech support, and professional development.

    A small group traveled to Cape Elizabeth High School to see one to one ipads in action. I was pretty blown away by the possibilities. I know a question that was on many minds was how do students type. We will receive a ratio of external keyboards that can be plugged into the ipads and utilized for typing. When I asked the question to the presenters they said that most students use the pop-up keyboard on the ipad. There will be a ton to learn, but it should be fun. If you have more questions please feel free to give me call!

    ----Mr. Aliberti