Homecoming Weekend!

    Well, what a weekend! It all started Friday night with the girls soccer game against Wiscassett. A nice crowd rolled in to watch the nighttime action. It was a bit chilly which helped the athletes stay comfortable, but many spectators were bundled up to stay warm. Unfortunately, the girls couldn't overcome an early goal scored against and lost 1-0. It certainly wasn't for a lack of effort!

    Kelly Norton, and Carrie Abbott were serving up treats in the snack shack. 3 Guys Burgers and Fries (Rick Norton, Barry London, Mike Fullerton, with special guest Steve Banahan) were making sure everyone had their fill of good food. I recommend the fries with a dash of salt! The aroma of food hanging in the chilled night air...awesome!

    Saturday was an all day soccer fest, with the Western Maine Youth Soccer Association playing in the morning, local middle school games rolling in after that, and then high school JV and Varsity games rounding out the night. I arrived around 3:00 and spoke with people that had been there since 10:00 am and were planning on staying into the night. That's Dedication!

    Speaking of dedication, Potter's Park was dedicated for former coach and physical education teacher, Arthur Potter, in a heart warming ceremony hosted by alumni Rod Spiller and Shane Morgan. Many alumni took the field with Coach Potter, and the current MTA boys team to pay their respects to a man who was influential in their lives. Mr. Pillsbury who had Coach Potter as a Physical Education teacher, also worked with him painting, and was a with co-worker at the high school spoke on his behalf. After the ceremony the boys took the field and routed Winthrop 6-0 in a great win!

    You would think this would be enough for one weekend, but oh no, we were just getting started. Saturday night the Mt. Time Council hosted a bonfire and outdoor dance. The firewood was donated by Steve Viles, and Transportation Directors Tim Sorel and David Baker helped to rope off the area. A big thanks to Steve Stone and Kyle Milay who were attending the bonfire as part of the Salem Fire Department. Steve and Kyle helped to make sure all was under control. The fire lasted quite a long time into the night. The students seem to enjoy the dance as DJ Bram helped set the tone. It was a long night, but everyone had a good time, and that's what homecoming weekend is all about!

    Check Back Soon!

    ---Mr. Aliberti