Honors Banquet

    Hello! The Mountain Valley Conference (MVC) Banquet was held Tuesday night at the Augusta Civic Center. It was my first time being there as the actually principal. Last year I went and helped Ms. Stevens, and I was nervous just handing out awards. Put me in front of a group of kids and I can talk all day long, not they want to hear it, but in front of a Civic Center full of adults, kids, principals, yikes! I only made two mistakes, which I thought was good. The MVC provides dinner, and we listened to guest speaker, Chandler Woodcock, who had some inspiring words for our honors students. All in all it was a great night, and I was happy to have that experience under my belt. Listed are the Honors Students!

    Jazmin Knapp
    Joshua Beedy
    Erin Luce
    Brittany Bachelder
    Siri Norris
    Ashley Shurtleff
    Hillary Chase
    Delani Littlefield
    Rose Lowell
    Dylan McFarland
    Trent Rosenberg
    Ben Listowich
    Parker Kennedy
    Noah Schwink-Zanella
    Anita Plog
    Mitchell Toothaker