AP Statistics

    Happy Monday to you all! I was never a great math student in school, ever. I would rather read a book than figure out word problems any day of the week. However, I stopped into Peter Manning's AP Statistics class the other day. The class meets every day to ensure success on the AP Test. Last year saw our number of students scoring well on the test increase, which is great. While in the class I learned about building graphs. Mr. Manning had the class, myself included, exploring "dot plots" and "stem and leaf" graphs. I must live a sheltered life because I had never heard of these types of graphs before. Anyway, we did a few, and dare I say I had fun doing it. It was great to see the definitions of these graphs in action. To prove I actually did it, check out my notes, a few of the students told be that my graphs were really neat. I guess an old dog can learn new tricks! Have a great start to your week and check back soon!

    --Mr. Aliberti