Science in Action

    In my travels today I stopped into two of our three science classes. Mr. McLaughlin's Anatomy and Physiology class met first thing in the morning to review some of the major topics to be covered in his class for the semester. The eighteen students were frantically taking notes trying to get all of the information down that was being discussed. I was impressed by the clarifying questions the students were asking, and Mr. McLaughlin's responses and examples to help further their understanding. My favorite example was one of homeostasis, which is the term used to explain the status of all systems of the body in balance. He explained that if you hold your breath, immediately homeostasis is effected, the pulse quickens, faces turn red, and ultimately a dangerous situation can be at hand. It evoked several memories of temper tantrums that students threw when they were young. A nice way to tie it together!

    I also visited Mr. Danala's physics class, who were discussing accuracy, and precision. They are taking a look at how to accurately produce the same size bubbles over and over (precision). The students had to research a recipe for making bubbles, and decide what ingredients are needed to make the ultimate bubble solution. They also had to write a proposal to explain the process. The coolest part was the actual process of blowing the precise bubbles over and over again. The students had a "magic bubble" solution on sheet pans, and used straws to blow those bubbles up! It was great fun, but an even better way to apply the learning that was happening at the beginning of class. Cool! Hoooray for learning!

    --Mr. Aliberti