MTA Builders

    Tuesday afternoon I was standing in the rain with many of you watching the boys soccer game when I noticed something different. There was an addition being built on to the booster's shack. I was curious as to who was doing the work so I asked Kelly Norton and Carrie Abbott what the story was. They said it was one of Mr. London's classes that was putting it together. I was pumped! Mr. London just happened to be watching the game too, so I asked him if I could stop by the next time class was taking place in order to take some pictures. He was glad to have me in.

    Today I walked out onto the soccer to see 12 to 15 guys working on the roof. It was awesome, Mr. London had three upperclassmen who were foremen helping instruct students who were new to the building process. The flurry of action was great, sawdust was flying, nails were pounded, and students were braving ladders to get the job done. Many students showed me skills they had learned, how to use a speed square, use a skill saw correctly, and how not to hit your thumb with a hammer. It was cool. The crazy part was as the period ended Mr. London mentioned he was going to stay after school and work on the project. Immediately students started telling him that they would call and see if they could stay after to help out. Learning in action! I can't wait to see what they build next. Enjoy the pics!