Team Sports

    On Monday I dropped by Marc Keller's team sports class to see what was going on. Mr. Keller's classroom, the gym, is centrally located in the building and as I travel around the building I often see kids running, jumping, and lifting weights, as they put what they've learned in class into action. Today Mr. Keller was working on the fundamentals of football. However before he started he had all the students stretching so not to pull any muscles. He started by showing students how to throw and catch a football, run routes, like a slant and button-hook, and play defense. He had his twenty plus students actively engaged in what was going on, which was impressive to see. Many of the students wanted me to run routes, but I was busy taking in all the action. It's also hard to run routes in dress shoes. The students then lined up to learn how to run plays on offense and defense. Mr. Keller reviewed, a sweep, and screen out of the "I" formation the kids were eating it up. They were all wanting to get outside but time had run out for the period.

    At one point in the history of the school there was a football team. Check out the video below and see if these kids would have made that team...they were good sports about it!