Farm Fresh Foods

    So, today in my travels around the high school I happened to stop into the kitchen. I enjoy visiting TJ and Flo because they're a ton of fun to talk to, and they always have food around. Anyway, TJ mentioned to me that this afternoon that she and Flo were going to be shucking 150 ears of corn. I was a bit surprised by this so I inquired about where the heck they bought that much corn. Apparently this year the district food service director, Angel Allen has contracted much of the vegetable offerings the school is serving from local farms. The corn came from the Emery Farm in Wayne, Me.

    TJ and Flo were pumped to meet the owner of the farm last week, and take stock of what was available for goods. The corn will be served with lunch tomorrow! A few of the students saw the corn shucking that was taking place and were curious as to when it would be served. The corn will be a nice paring with burgers that will be served. Check the action photo below!

    --Mr. Aliberti