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Hello Everyone! Attached is a presentation I put together in regards to MTA's ranking 13th in the state. Check it out and be proud!



Tech Talk!

Hi Everyone! I thought I would write a bit more that a 140 characters about our new technology coming to MSAD #58. Over the past month the administrative team has reviewed the potential new technology selections being offered by the MLTI program. Gov. LePage selected the number three ranked HP laptop selection. However, the Governor allowed districts in the state to choose from the top five. The HP laptop was not an option the team felt was best for the district. We took into consideration the future of technology and went with the number one rated Apple package. The package includes ipads for all students, MacAir Laptops, and ipad minis for teachers. We will also have an upgraded network, tech support, and professional development.

A small group traveled to Cape Elizabeth High School to see one to one ipads in action. I was pretty blown away by the possibilities. I know a question that was on many minds was how do students type. We will receive a ratio of external keyboards that can be plugged into the ipads and utilized for typing. When I asked the question to the presenters they said that most students use the pop-up keyboard on the ipad. There will be a ton to learn, but it should be fun. If you have more questions please feel free to give me call!

----Mr. Aliberti



Good Evening MTA Community! I wanted to remind you all that I am communicating mainly through twitter now. On the MTA website there is a new window that will have text and I usually have pictures attached to all of the tweets. It's a real nice way to see a snapshot into the school. The lastest tweets have to do with this years State Math Meet! Make sure to follow us!

Much Thanks!

Mr. Aliberti


Winter Sports Round Up

Well, it's been a long long time since I've seen the Mountain Time Blog but I thought I would reconnect and let everyone in on what's been happening sports wise here at MTA. The alpine and Nordic teams had an extremely strong showing at the MVC races this week. The teams took a combined first place. An excellent job by all of our athletes. The two teams will compete next week for the state title at Black Mountain.

Our boys basketball team played a preliminary round against Old Orchard Beach. It was a hard fought battle but the boys were defeated in the end. However, this was one of the best boys basketball seasons in recent history. I've watched a number of games and have been pumped to see them do well.

The ladies are off to the tournament in Augusta on Tuesday at 4pm against Madison. They defeated Traip Academy at home to move ahead. It's been a bittersweet season for the ladies as Tuesday night was the last home game of Coach Lisherness' career. There is a great article in today's Sun Journal in regards to Coach Lisherness' legacy here at MTA.

I wish all of teams competing next week the best of luck, represent us well!

-Mr. Aliberti


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to all of you out there! I wanted to check in before the end of the week to post some pictures of the band playing at The Herbert. I wasn't able to make the performance last year, but made it a point to be there to support our band students. The Herbert was decked out for the holidays which added to the ambiance of the historic hotel. The students were assembled in the room off the lobby and were poised for action. There was a great turn out of supporters and I made my way to the front row and took a seat. Band Director, Gail Russ, welcomed everyone and the band was off and running. The band played extremely well. It was obvious that they had practiced a ton and were confident in their abilities. Even though the band is small, roughly eight to ten students, they sounded huge! It's no secret I'm a fan of live music, and these kids helped to strengthen my belief that music rules! Great work everyone, and please, please, please check out the beautiful photos taken by Heidi Murphy! Until Next Time!

--Mr. Aliberti


Biggest Fan Contest!

Hello All! I hope this entry finds you well. Mrs. Littlefield recently returned from a young adults author conference in Las Vagas Nevada where she was able to meet a number of famous young adult authors, and buy some books for the library. Mrs. Littlefield was also able to get a number of authors to sign the books she purchased with a great idea in mind. She explained to the authors that she was going to return to Mt. Abram and conduct a contest. Students will be asked to produce a paper, project, or short movie, to prove they are in fact the author's biggest fan. Mrs. Littlefield will review the entries and award the signed copy of the book to the student who is in fact the author's biggest fan. It should be interested to see what the students come up with. Below are some pictures of students listening to her presentation.


Spirit Week!!!

My apologies for not getting back to writing my blog in a while, but Mt. Abram has been extremely busy as of late! This past week was spirit week which featured the following "themed" days.

Monday-Pink Day (In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness)
Tuesday-Gender Bender Day
Thursday-Twin Day
Friday-Redneck Day

It was a busy week! The Mt. Time Council did an excellent job getting all of the events together, and communicating with the student body. One of the highlights was during our assembly on Wednesday. We had the advisor dress up competition and we also played a huge game of musical chairs. One of our students made a short video for the event. Check it out below! (As soon as I remember how to put it on.) It was great fun!


Espanol con Senor Parrett

When I was in high school I took French with a great teacher Monsieur Harnois. He was from the drill and kill era where everything was about memorization of vocabulary. I loved the guy, and the class but after fifteen or so years out of school I don't remember much beyond basic conversation.

Today I had the pleasure of sitting in on my first Spanish class. Senor Parrett's class started off with a Rosetta Stone lesson on the computer. Students looked at pictures of objects and were able to push a button and hear the word for the picture in Spanish. The modern language courses believe in using vocabulary, but in a practical way, conversation. Senor Parrett went around the room and asked in Spanish how the students were doing today, he even asked me. Luckily, I know "buen" is good, and I tossed that out there. It was obvious to all the students I have not had much work with Spanish. The advanced class went quickly through the day of the week, the day yesterday, and what tomorrow would be.

They quickly progressed onto a new "story." Senor Parrett went on to explain and interact with student the vocabulary that would be in the story that the students would be practicing with each other and then writing. I learned a lot! I didn't know Sierra Nevada actually translates into, "A saw-snow covered." This is what the explorers saw off in the distance when seeing the continental divide.

The students then stood up and did hand motions to each of the vocab words because as Senor Parrett explained when you use motion it helps the brain to remember the word. The kids were enjoying this quite a bit. It got them up out of their seats and moving around. It was cool! I was overwhelmed with everything the kids were saying! I'm thinking I should have started with Spanish 1. I'll have to come back and learn more!


Team Sports

On Monday I dropped by Marc Keller's team sports class to see what was going on. Mr. Keller's classroom, the gym, is centrally located in the building and as I travel around the building I often see kids running, jumping, and lifting weights, as they put what they've learned in class into action. Today Mr. Keller was working on the fundamentals of football. However before he started he had all the students stretching so not to pull any muscles. He started by showing students how to throw and catch a football, run routes, like a slant and button-hook, and play defense. He had his twenty plus students actively engaged in what was going on, which was impressive to see. Many of the students wanted me to run routes, but I was busy taking in all the action. It's also hard to run routes in dress shoes. The students then lined up to learn how to run plays on offense and defense. Mr. Keller reviewed, a sweep, and screen out of the "I" formation the kids were eating it up. They were all wanting to get outside but time had run out for the period.

At one point in the history of the school there was a football team. Check out the video below and see if these kids would have made that team...they were good sports about it!


Homecoming Weekend!

Well, what a weekend! It all started Friday night with the girls soccer game against Wiscassett. A nice crowd rolled in to watch the nighttime action. It was a bit chilly which helped the athletes stay comfortable, but many spectators were bundled up to stay warm. Unfortunately, the girls couldn't overcome an early goal scored against and lost 1-0. It certainly wasn't for a lack of effort!

Kelly Norton, and Carrie Abbott were serving up treats in the snack shack. 3 Guys Burgers and Fries (Rick Norton, Barry London, Mike Fullerton, with special guest Steve Banahan) were making sure everyone had their fill of good food. I recommend the fries with a dash of salt! The aroma of food hanging in the chilled night air...awesome!

Saturday was an all day soccer fest, with the Western Maine Youth Soccer Association playing in the morning, local middle school games rolling in after that, and then high school JV and Varsity games rounding out the night. I arrived around 3:00 and spoke with people that had been there since 10:00 am and were planning on staying into the night. That's Dedication!

Speaking of dedication, Potter's Park was dedicated for former coach and physical education teacher, Arthur Potter, in a heart warming ceremony hosted by alumni Rod Spiller and Shane Morgan. Many alumni took the field with Coach Potter, and the current MTA boys team to pay their respects to a man who was influential in their lives. Mr. Pillsbury who had Coach Potter as a Physical Education teacher, also worked with him painting, and was a with co-worker at the high school spoke on his behalf. After the ceremony the boys took the field and routed Winthrop 6-0 in a great win!

You would think this would be enough for one weekend, but oh no, we were just getting started. Saturday night the Mt. Time Council hosted a bonfire and outdoor dance. The firewood was donated by Steve Viles, and Transportation Directors Tim Sorel and David Baker helped to rope off the area. A big thanks to Steve Stone and Kyle Milay who were attending the bonfire as part of the Salem Fire Department. Steve and Kyle helped to make sure all was under control. The fire lasted quite a long time into the night. The students seem to enjoy the dance as DJ Bram helped set the tone. It was a long night, but everyone had a good time, and that's what homecoming weekend is all about!

Check Back Soon!

---Mr. Aliberti


MTA Builders

Tuesday afternoon I was standing in the rain with many of you watching the boys soccer game when I noticed something different. There was an addition being built on to the booster's shack. I was curious as to who was doing the work so I asked Kelly Norton and Carrie Abbott what the story was. They said it was one of Mr. London's classes that was putting it together. I was pumped! Mr. London just happened to be watching the game too, so I asked him if I could stop by the next time class was taking place in order to take some pictures. He was glad to have me in.

Today I walked out onto the soccer to see 12 to 15 guys working on the roof. It was awesome, Mr. London had three upperclassmen who were foremen helping instruct students who were new to the building process. The flurry of action was great, sawdust was flying, nails were pounded, and students were braving ladders to get the job done. Many students showed me skills they had learned, how to use a speed square, use a skill saw correctly, and how not to hit your thumb with a hammer. It was cool. The crazy part was as the period ended Mr. London mentioned he was going to stay after school and work on the project. Immediately students started telling him that they would call and see if they could stay after to help out. Learning in action! I can't wait to see what they build next. Enjoy the pics!



I was an elementary school teacher at one point in time, before I was asked to move to Kingfield and teach middle level English. I enjoyed reading and writing quite a bit, and was hopeful that I could translate that passion into meaningful learning for my students. Today, I was able to get back to my roots and visit a section of freshmen English. Ms. Raley's English class was deep in discussion and exploration around the topics of inferences and decoding. She wanted students to "read with a purpose!" Ms. Raley showed a number of images specifically many covers of The New Yorker magazine. It was neat to see the students initial thoughts on the images or pictures, which were quite literal, as they shared more pieces of what was really being communicated by the image, the students were able to understand the deeper meaning. They did well with a concept that is not easy to understand without practice. The cool part was watching students take the inference of an image, and apply the concept to text. They read a poem by Barbara Robinson, entitled, "Foreign Student," to practice. Here's the poem...

Foreign Student

In September she appeared
row three, seat seven
heavy pleated skirt,
plastic purse,
tidy note pad,
there she sat,
straight from Taipei,
and she bowed
when I entered the room.
A model student
I noticed,
every assignment complete,
on time, neat
and she listened
when I talked

But now it's May,
and Si Lan
is caled Lani.
She strides in
with Lynne and Susan.
Her gear is crammed
into a macrame'
shoulder sack.
And she chatters with Pete
during class,
and, I'm glad.

The change that came from September to May was great for the students in the poem. Ms. Raley pushed students to really point out the changes and the text that shows the comparison. See if you can do it! I love English!

--Mr. Aliberti


AP Statistics

Happy Monday to you all! I was never a great math student in school, ever. I would rather read a book than figure out word problems any day of the week. However, I stopped into Peter Manning's AP Statistics class the other day. The class meets every day to ensure success on the AP Test. Last year saw our number of students scoring well on the test increase, which is great. While in the class I learned about building graphs. Mr. Manning had the class, myself included, exploring "dot plots" and "stem and leaf" graphs. I must live a sheltered life because I had never heard of these types of graphs before. Anyway, we did a few, and dare I say I had fun doing it. It was great to see the definitions of these graphs in action. To prove I actually did it, check out my notes, a few of the students told be that my graphs were really neat. I guess an old dog can learn new tricks! Have a great start to your week and check back soon!

--Mr. Aliberti


Farm Fresh Foods

So, today in my travels around the high school I happened to stop into the kitchen. I enjoy visiting TJ and Flo because they're a ton of fun to talk to, and they always have food around. Anyway, TJ mentioned to me that this afternoon that she and Flo were going to be shucking 150 ears of corn. I was a bit surprised by this so I inquired about where the heck they bought that much corn. Apparently this year the district food service director, Angel Allen has contracted much of the vegetable offerings the school is serving from local farms. The corn came from the Emery Farm in Wayne, Me.

TJ and Flo were pumped to meet the owner of the farm last week, and take stock of what was available for goods. The corn will be served with lunch tomorrow! A few of the students saw the corn shucking that was taking place and were curious as to when it would be served. The corn will be a nice paring with burgers that will be served. Check the action photo below!

--Mr. Aliberti


Science in Action

In my travels today I stopped into two of our three science classes. Mr. McLaughlin's Anatomy and Physiology class met first thing in the morning to review some of the major topics to be covered in his class for the semester. The eighteen students were frantically taking notes trying to get all of the information down that was being discussed. I was impressed by the clarifying questions the students were asking, and Mr. McLaughlin's responses and examples to help further their understanding. My favorite example was one of homeostasis, which is the term used to explain the status of all systems of the body in balance. He explained that if you hold your breath, immediately homeostasis is effected, the pulse quickens, faces turn red, and ultimately a dangerous situation can be at hand. It evoked several memories of temper tantrums that students threw when they were young. A nice way to tie it together!

I also visited Mr. Danala's physics class, who were discussing accuracy, and precision. They are taking a look at how to accurately produce the same size bubbles over and over (precision). The students had to research a recipe for making bubbles, and decide what ingredients are needed to make the ultimate bubble solution. They also had to write a proposal to explain the process. The coolest part was the actual process of blowing the precise bubbles over and over again. The students had a "magic bubble" solution on sheet pans, and used straws to blow those bubbles up! It was great fun, but an even better way to apply the learning that was happening at the beginning of class. Cool! Hoooray for learning!

--Mr. Aliberti



Well, well, well look who's back! It's Mt. Abram High School! As the Grateful Dead once said, "The first days are the hardest days." The shift from summer to fall has been so sudden. I hope that you all had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to the fall days ahead. I just wanted to touch base in regards to what's been happening to start the year.

We had a great freshmen day on Wednesday the 29th. The day gave the incoming students a chance to become acquainted with the school and staff. I enjoyed meeting a lot of new faces, and there are a lot of them! During the day we hosted a freshmen parent meeting to discuss concerns, and answer questions. There was a nice turn out for the event and I appreciate all of the parents that could make it being there. In the evening we also hosted a freshmen BBQ which was great. Mr. Twitchell took on the grilling duties, while many staff members assisted serving food.

Thursday the 30th was our first day with all of our students. It was great to see everyone back in action, and it's always great to see how much everyone has changed over the summer. I spoke to the students about my experience over the past few summers of climbing Mt. Rainier in Washington State. The event is a fundraiser for the Gibson Pavilion, at Maine Medical Center. In the six years I've been associated with the Climb for Cancer Care we've raised over $100,000 for patients and their families battling cancer. The message I wanted the students to understand, was that we all have our "mountains" to climb. It may be getting up early, finishing a test, or working through a difficult conversation with a friend. We can be successful in these endeavors, or fail, but both are learning experiences that shape who we are.

We also hosted a senior Informational night headed up by Steve Mitman. The night featured information regarding graduation progress, financial aid, and post graduate planning. The night went very well, and there were a great many thanks for all who helped to organize the night. Again, many thanks to Mr. Mitman! Included is a link to a story from the Sun Journal that gives more information on the night. http://www.sunjournal.com/news/franklin/2012/08/30/mt-abram-seniors-told-persevere/1244858

I'd like to thank parents, staff, and students for making this week a good one. Enjoy the long weekend!

-Mr. Aliberti



I haven't been to a prom since 1995, and honestly I was just as nervous Saturday night as I was back then. Mrs. London and a group of students have been preparing for this event for some time now. The group gathered Friday night to decorate, and did a fantastic job. The function room at the Sugarloaf Inn looked amazing. Students had cut out stars made from cardboard and hung them from the ceiling, lights adorned the entry way, and Tia Holt and her mother prepared a number of delicious items for everyone to snack on. I was thoroughly impressed by the way the room looked. The only aspect that was more impressive was the excellent behavior displayed by our students. It made me proud to see our student body acting appropriately and totally enjoying themselves. The music was great, there were a ton of people dancing, and all in all it was a fantastic event. Again, a huge thanks to Mrs. London and all the students that helped out to put it together. I look forward to next year!


Honors Banquet

Hello! The Mountain Valley Conference (MVC) Banquet was held Tuesday night at the Augusta Civic Center. It was my first time being there as the actually principal. Last year I went and helped Ms. Stevens, and I was nervous just handing out awards. Put me in front of a group of kids and I can talk all day long, not they want to hear it, but in front of a Civic Center full of adults, kids, principals, yikes! I only made two mistakes, which I thought was good. The MVC provides dinner, and we listened to guest speaker, Chandler Woodcock, who had some inspiring words for our honors students. All in all it was a great night, and I was happy to have that experience under my belt. Listed are the Honors Students!

Jazmin Knapp
Joshua Beedy
Erin Luce
Brittany Bachelder
Siri Norris
Ashley Shurtleff
Hillary Chase
Delani Littlefield
Rose Lowell
Dylan McFarland
Trent Rosenberg
Ben Listowich
Parker Kennedy
Noah Schwink-Zanella
Anita Plog
Mitchell Toothaker


Play Ball!

Hey Y'all! I hope you've all been well, it's been a busy start to the spring with a number of events and activities happening here at the high school. Alice Yates and a number of students hosted French exchange students for two week prior to vacation. It was great to have the diversity added to the school. The French students blended in well with our students, and attended a number of events coordinated by Alice. I appreciate all of the host families, and Alice taking on this task.

Spring sports have started! Tennis, track, baseball, and softball are all underway. Check out the schedules on the website. A neat event happened over the weekend. Mark Gordon threw out the first pitch for the Mt. Abram baseball team. Lisa Brackley was there and took some pictures of the event. Take a look at the pictures below!


NHS and Saddleback...

Hi Everyone! I'm a huge fan of winter, I look forward to the cold days, snow, and all the activities that go along with it. However, as you know this year has been anything but a normal winter in these parts. I really couldn't get excited about the season, but last Thursday helped to finish the season on a high note.

Four years ago when Ms. Tucker was going to retire Mr. Pillsbury organized a trip that would join the school together for one collective experience. The students and staff went to Saddleback to enjoy the day. The day, now affectionately called, Ms. Tucker Day, occurred last Thursday. The day was one that I'll never forget. First it was close to 85 degrees, second, the snow that was left on the mountain was perfect! I was so pumped to be out amongst the students and staff! Everyone had a great time, and you could see it! Steve Mitman took some photos that are located below. A huge thanks to Mr. Pillsbury, the Mt. Time Council, students, staff, bus drivers, and everyone else that made the day great!

On Wednesday of last week our chapter of National Honor Society inducted seventeen new members. NHS advisor, Lori Littlefield organized a wonderful ceremony that included a candlelight ceremony, and keynote address by State Senator, Tom Saviello. Senator Saviello spoke of the wonderful students at Mt. Abram High School, how hard they work, and example they set. I want to thank Lori Littlefield for all of her hard work in putting this ceremony together. The following students are now members of NHS, congrats!

Lyndsay Beane, Jay Chenard, Holland Corson, Alix Howard, McKayla Howard, Tabitha Huntoon, Briannah James, Sadie James, Taylor Jordan, Benjamin Listowich, Mikayla Luce, Siri Norris, Brittany Parlin, Raven Riendeau, Jenie Rowland, Breanna Sargent, Lillian Taylor