Welcome to CLEAR - Our Online Literacy Resource!

    Thank you for visiting CLEAR (Continuing Literacy Efforts Asynchronously and Realistically), Mt. Abram's newest way to keep literacy in mind as we continue our hard work on improving reading across all content areas. In response to my initial needs assessment, 14 of you took the time to help me gauge interest in such a resource. You might be interested in the following results:

      • 92% of you found continuing our literacy work important
      • 69% wanted updates or information once per quarter
      • 69% looked forward to reviewing the strategies themselves
      • 84% wanted real-life examples of strategy use from the classroom
      • 69% hoped for online resources
      • 69% found recommendations for further professional reading useful
      • 69% liked the idea of NWEA information, advice, or strategies
    As a result of your input, I have decided to create this wiki with updates each quarter, including summaries of reading/thinking strategies, suggestions on how to integrate them in the classroom, links to online resources, and suggestions for other books on the topic. Moreover, NWEA information will be added as appropriate (during first and third quarters).

    In addition to my postings, however, I have opened this wiki to be truly collaborative. You are welcome to make changes as your expertise and experience allows, or to post your thoughts on the accompanying blog. I hope you take advantage of the ability to asynchronously collaborate to improve reading comprehension across all disciplines -- we could use your input!

    Happy reading and thank you for keeping literacy at the forefront of your lessons!