Google Transition Q&A


    Question about our transition to Google Apps will be answered here.

    Will all of my current messages be transferred to GMail?

    • The short answer is no. However, there will be a training modules explaining ways to backup your current messages or manually transfer them to your new GMail account.
    What about FirstClass Ed?
    • Along with Google Apps, we are configuring a Learning Management System called OpenClass.
    • OpenClass provides the functions of FirstClass Ed plus much more.
    • OpenClass will be preconfigured with classes and class rosters
    The big question - WHY?
    • We have used FirstClass for nearly 20 years. In that time, technology has changed immensely, while the core of FirstClass has really not changed.
    • We will be saving money by not paying for FirstClass maintenance and support. We will also be able to redirect a significant amount of tech department time which is currently spent monitoring and fixing problems with the FirstClass system.
    • We will become less dependent on our local Internet and electrical connections for access to district email as the server will no longer be housed locally.
    • The tools really are better!
    Right now we can see if someone has read a message. Will that be available?
    • Short answer: No. EMail message history is a feature that is fairly unique to FirstClass. This is probably the feature that we will miss the most. That said, the History feature has become less reliable in FirstClass as more of our users retrieve mail with their phones, iPod, iPads and other devices which do not get recorded in History.