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    ESL Services Contact Information - MSAD 58 The ABC's of ESL - Explaining Acronyms

    When a student starts in MSAD 58:

    1. A home language survey (hls) is filled out by the parent.
    2. An ESL teacher looks over the hls and may administer a screener test.
    3. If a screener test is given and the overall score is less than 6.0, ESL Services are provided.
    * Parents and Guardians have the right to refuse ESL Services only if their child can still receive a meaningful education. A refusal of ESL Services must be documented.

    ACCESS Test

    Every year ELLs are given the ACCESS for ELLs® to measure English Language Proficiency (ELP) progress, by a trained ESL teacher.

    LAU Plan

    Every district must have a LAU Plan which explains the procedures and protocols of their ESL Services. Here is a copy of MSAD 58's current LAU Plan.

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    Download file "MSAD 58 LAU PLAN.pages"

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    Download file "MSAD 58 LAU PLAN.doc"

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