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    When a student starts in MSAD 58:

    1. A home language survey (hls) is filled out by the parent.
    2. An ESL teacher looks over the hls and may administer a screener test.
    3. If a screener test is given and the overall score is less than 6.0, ESL Services are provided.
    * Parents and Guardians have the right to refuse ESL Services only if their child can still receive a meaningful education. A refusal of ESL Services must be documented.

    ACCESS Test

    Every year ELLs are given the ACCESS for ELLs® to measure English Language Proficiency (ELP) progress, by a trained ESL teacher.

    LAU Plan

    Every district must have a LAU Plan which explains the procedures and protocols of their ESL Services. Here is a copy of MSAD 58's current LAU Plan. It is in the process of being revised. The updated LAU Plan will be posted once the process is finished.

    Download file "MSAD 58 LAU PLAN.rtf"

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